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Impressions in Clay by 

Kathy Boyland

Maryland Renaissance Festival

Master Artisan

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To purchase the ceramic art impressions please visit my merchant shop located in the center of Revel Grove on White Stag Grove at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. 


August 24 through October 20, 2019 Weekends and Labor Day only

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About Kathy Boyland

Kathy Boyland of K Boyland Designs has been creating ceramic art impressions since the 1980's.  My daughter Stephanie occasionally helps out in production, adding her own personal touch to the art work. We are working on some amazing new work for the 2019 season!

Before smashing things in clay and sculpting faces I was a medical photographer at Georgetown University Medical Center. Many of the facial features, specifically the exaggerated honkers and aging facial lines are memories from plastic and reconstructive surgery patient images. I love huge honkers! Later I worked for a government contractor as a computer programmer as well as starting and managing their art department. 

Delicate details of nature are captured directly onto the surface of stoneware clay. Faces, vines, fungus, branches are all hand sculpted. The clay works are fired in a kiln twice. Some of the art work is further enhanced after the firing. The clay works are all one of a kind, signed and dated.  They are designed to be hung on the wall or displayed on a table top.  The clay pieces are not to be used to serve food, it is art.

The digital prints are images of original impressions in clay. Two of the originals in clay and digital lithographs are archived permanently at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.

Take a break, have some fun and see the impressions in person at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.  Stop by my merchant shop to say hey and take home a lasting memory of the festival and days gone by.  


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Better yet, see the impressions in person at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.

Mark your calendar and visit my merchant shop located on the Maryland Renaissance Festival grounds.  We are located in the center of Revel Grove on White Stag Grove. Visit their website to purchase tickets and further information  www.RennFest.com

2019 Schedule

Maryland Renaissance Festival

Weekends and Labor Day Monday only

Starting August 24 through October 20, 2019